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#GlobalRunningDayJune 7, 2017



Million Kid RunHelp us reach our goal

The Million Kid Run is about making fitness fun and inspiring kids to embrace running as a way to get healthy and fit.

Cristian from Chile pledged to run 10 kilometers

David from Massachusetts pledged to run 3 miles

Habibi from New York pledged to run 1 mile

Tracee from Kansas pledged to run 4 miles

Prashant from United Kingdom pledged to run 5 miles

Eduardo from Panama pledged to run 5 kilometers

Saratoga Stryders from New York pledged to run 4 miles

Ben from Tennessee pledged to run 5 miles

Alia from Illinois pledged to run 4 miles

Danielle from Illinois pledged to run 6 miles

What’s Your Inspiration?

As you make your Global Running Day pledge, tell us why you are running.

to relax and clear my head

Global Peace

My kids

Fitness and fun

Running for a good cause

Living my life to the fullest


to be perfect

Run with Jesus

The millions of people who have lost their lives to mindless terrorist attacks and can no longer do what they loved most, run. I run for you! I run for Paris, Manchester, San Bernardino, Orlando, and countless other cities that have lost good people

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I, , pledge to run as part of Global Running Day on June 7, 2017.

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What’s your inspiration?


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What is Global Running Day?

Global Running Day is a day for people around the world to celebrate the joys of running. Participation is easy—just pledge to take part in some type of running activity on June 7, 2017. It can be a solo lap around the block, a long run with friends, or even a game of tag with your kids. The key is to share your passion for the sport and inspire others to get moving.


Looking for resources to help you bring Global Running Day and the Million Kid Run to your organization, town, school, or house? Use these materials to get started in joining the worldwide celebration on June 7, 2017.

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This year, we’re encouraging everyone to pledge to run on Global Running Day. If you would like to fundraise for a charity, please explore the organizations below for more information.

Global Supporters

Click here to request to become a global supporter.

Save the Date

Mark your calendar for June 7, 2017, and plan to join people from all over the globe to get moving as part of Global Running Day, and to get the young people in your life moving by joining the Million Kid Run.

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