Taiwan Single Malt Whisky Tasting Association Running Club

社團路跑隊專屬活動, 在世界路跑日的6月3日跑6.3公里並且上傳社交網頁之後hashtag #HighCoast瑞典高岸單一麥芽威士忌 #63 #GlobalRunningDay #K大好可愛 , 就有機會參加抽獎得到6月3日台灣上市的63瑞典高岸單一麥芽威士忌一瓶!



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Join our Run 1 Tag 1 social media challenge! This calls on people across the world to celebrate Global Running Day by running 1 mile for someone that inspires them (or completing an at-home exercise) and tagging a friend to do the same. Tag #Run1Tag1 and #GlobalRunningDay to celebrate and run across the globe together in a worldwide game of virtual tag.

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About Global Running Day

Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration of running that encourages everyone to get moving. This day plays an important role, reminding us of the positives that running can offer and the power of unification. It's mission seems more important than ever right now, as people everywhere attempt to stay active and healthy. During these challenging times, many people are turning to running as a solution to help release anxiety, gain perspective, cope with cabin fever, and keep up wellbeing.

Our physical Global Running Day events may be paused, but it’s important that we all keep active in a safe and responsible way. This year, Global Running Day 2020 will be digitally uniting people across the world in a global effort to encourage physical wellness and strengthen community.

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Mark your calendar for June 3 2020, and plan to join people from all over the globe to get moving as part of Global Running Day, and to get the young people in your life moving by joining the Million Kid Run.

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Maguire from Taiwan pledged to run 6.5 kilometers

Chris from Taiwan pledged to run

Kun from Taiwan pledged to run 6.5 kilometers

Jack from Taiwan pledged to run 6 kilometers

Min-Rueyrobert from Taiwan pledged to run 6.5 kilometers

Albert from Taiwan pledged to run 6.5 kilometers

Sean from Taiwan pledged to run 6 kilometers

Tina from Taiwan pledged to run 6.5 miles

Susc from Taiwan pledged to run 6.5 kilometers

Henry from Taiwan pledged to run 6 kilometers